Monday, January 01, 2007

Time to Say Good-Bye

The concept of time is an unnatural thing. We might say that we invented the concept of time or that we invented a somewhat contrived ritual of celebrating it (i.e., this New Years celebration that seems like all the world celebrates), but it is hardly a hard-and-fast human construct. How can it be so that in an instant we can recall an event that happened years ago, or in another instant we sit in the grasp time of and wonder when it will release us from its grip, that it will pass quicker? The most favorite of mine though is that of that special case when one wishes a moment to last an eternity. Again, what is an "eternity?" Surely we too do not have a part in contriving such a situation, of existence ad infinitum. Just as much as God is incomprehensible in the fullest, so it the term "eternity"—or for that matter—time itself. Time itself is a contrived thing.

So here we are celebrating the passing of the old and the welcoming the new. So too are we saying good-bye to the year that was and hello to what is before us—all the possibilities this world, both simultaneously wonderful and wretched, has to offer.

The year that has been was a realization of another world around me that I failed to grasp fully before. Yes, I've been in College Station for a few years, and yes, I have not made any serious life choices yet. All this withstanding, I have come to realize more of the world around me. 2005 brought tragedy. 2006 brought for me actualization. I do not know what 2007 has in store for me, but I pray it—that is the Lord in Year of Our Lord, 2007— give me only what I can handle. The Lord has a way of making things work out in the end. All it requires is a little faith and plenty of trust in the Lord.

Happy New Year!

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