Monday, September 23, 2013

"Do Not Curse the Darkness – Light the Light of Faith"

Encamped in the world surrounding
Is the Darkness found, Darkness engulfing...
What can we do with the blazing fires,
Fires made for blazing pillars, blazing spires?

The Darkness surrounds but cannot overcome,
Cannot overcome the grace given, the grace now begun!
Enkindle in your hearts the fire He wishes to blaze,
Do not run from the Darkness—Engage!

Spirit of Love, light on fire the World,
Light on fire the World to save!
Light the Light of Faith!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

O Division...

O division, why your sting?
Why the separation, the strife, the desolation?
Where is your end, O division of hearts?

Lead us, Lord, to sing with one voice
Where there were once many...
Where as one family we can sing
Of Your peace, of Your Love,
As part of Your Holy Family!
Lead us, O Lord, to sing!

Abba! Father!