Friday, January 12, 2007

Go with God

Amid even the darkest of days, there are rays of sunshine ready to pour in if one looks close enough. This week has been a bit topsy-turvy for me, mostly centered on work and friends. As a result, my sleep schedule has suffered a bit, but what the heck. Friends are more important than sleep!

So when I went "in" on a football game watching party (the BCS championship was this past Monday), I didn't realize what that signed me up for! But yet, that night was the defining night of the week for me. It was something that I needed, and it was completely at the right moment.

Since the game was a blow-out in Florida's favor, we quickly moved to what turned out to be a 5-hour game of Monopoly with every underhanded trade and deal in the book. It was a rather interesting game of attrition that I sadly failed, buckling under the pressure around two. Now the phrase "I'll make a deal with you if I can have all your properties for a dollar when you go out" is emblazoned in my subconsciousness...and for good reason!

So last night, for good reason, came in a distant second. It was game night, Round Two. We started with Daily Mass again (as always) and then made it out to Northgate for burgers. Even me, the teetotaler of sorts, enjoyed the beer (and the shot at the Dry Bean). And I'm not a beer guy, so for me it was a pleasant surprise. Then came the Risk game at my house. I hadn't played the game in years. Things have just felt right this week. As if they were how they were supposed to be. As though all the troubles rushing through my mind were quieted long enough to enjoy the joy before me.

That joy would be best described as C.S. Lewis described it in his book Surprised by Joy, as something of a longing or as in German "Sehnsucht," which itself means "longing." That something of the sort of nostalgia for something, as Lewis puts it, "something we do not know." This something is specifically Heaven and being reunited with our Heavenly Father.

Both events this week, presented within me this joy of the present with a longing anticipation on the future. Those nights were something of which could, if possible, lock within a small box, and carry with me for all times until one day, wherever we end up in this world, I can, as if it were a gem, put it up to the light of day and see within it all the glory present within even the smallest of moments.

So, as for the title of this blog post. It is actually the English translation of the Spanish phrase "Vaya con Dios." It is found, among other places, above the front door of my friends' house, all of whom are Catholic. It has stuck with me, and with my emotions this week, I scribbled the poem below in a scant period of time. The words, as whenever I do write, are inspired by nothing more than those around me, those so dear to me. All I can hope for is the peace of what is held now, and the promise of what is to come.

I hope the words inspire you.

Go with God

When love hurts
And all the troubles of life
Come forth and shake your spirits,
Go with God.

When life seems too complicated
And every fear borne within you
Is exposed to the light of day,
Go with God.

When your sins bear down
And every past wrong done
Is remembered within your heart,
Go with God.

When the days you dream of
And every dream and wish you had
Are dashed to the oblivion of darkness,
Go with God.

When you have reached your last day
And all that was to come to pass
Has passed to fulfillment,
Know that you are loved,
For you went with God.

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