Saturday, October 24, 2009


Water's edge, faces are found
What one finds, not alone
Worthy wishes of want and desire,
Waiting on the time, Love Divine.

A hand reaches out, touching
The water's surface, unsettling
The image given of love, of other
And of other in self.

Water's edge, changing what was
Shows something even more,
Love in the other to be reflected,
Love once in glass, now shattered.

A tear falls down, sadness dropping
Water shakes, water roils from below
Ripples run, in all directions
The hearts fail to love as one.

Water's edge clears to a new scene,
One of searching hearts, one of longing:
Two faces, one place—both fighting—
Fighting for the safety of grace, of something more.

Reflections found, something more
Desires of heart, patience in heart.
Seeking hearts, one place
All in all, Truth in Love.

Reflections of love,
Truth in the flesh.