Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Our Saints, Our City, Our Soul"

"Our Saints, Our City, Our Soul"
By Don LeCocq, Kenner, LA

Out of the fire
And up from the flood
A great team is born
Made of guts, steel and blood

Their history a low one
No one can deny
Their new rise a slow one
But oh now so high

This team that I speak of
Is of black and gold
And travels the gridiron
So brave and so bold

Their symbol is royalty
We call Fleur de lis
And proud New Orleanians
Watch it with glee

Come Deuce and come Reggie
Come Drew and come Joe
Come Marques and Terrance
Now go beat the foe

The course is set plainly
There is clearly a goal
Go show all the world
A storm can't kill our soul

To the men in black jerseys
The tights and the cleats
Know that we love you
In wins and defeats

And to you, Sean Payton
The coach of our dreams
Thank you from all of us
Who give jumps, yells and screams

You have given us purpose
You have given us hope
You have given us will
And a reason to cope

To all of the Saints
Who reside in the Dome
Thanks for making our city
A proud place to call home

[Source: WWL-TV.COM]

The game today was a slight disappointment, but the overall season was a blessing on so many levels. At the same time, it left me at looking to next year for the team, the city, and even myself and where I will be.

I've thrown four small parties for two regular season games and two playoff games, and what I've been so thankful for weren't so much the wins but the ability to use the game as a springboard to discussion well beyond the scope of the gridiron and football. It provided me and countless others from New Orleans an avenue of discussion on the matter of the city of New Orleans. It provided the citizens of the city itself a sense of hope for a return to some normalcy. The team this year provided what was needed most: compassion.

Not for the team, as was evident in its 14-39 shellacking today against the Bears, but for the city and its residents. The city wasn't swept under the rug of national consciousness, and I pray that because of this loss today that the city will not erased from the forefront of concern in this country.

Now that the games are over for the city's team, it's time for the nation to accept the city for what it is and what it needs: compassion.

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