Thursday, April 19, 2007

Paradise Lost: The Virginia Tech Tragedy

I found Monday to be very troubling to me and a very sad day for all of us. It is one of those moments in one's life that you know where you were at that moment when you found out. It is an unspeakable tragedy, not that murders of such number or greater are not of equal or greater tragedy. Comparisons need not be applied. It is simply a sad period of time now in academia, and it is merely more pertinent to me as a college student.

It was hard for me to focus in my late afternoon class on Monday because of the tragedy. Again it was hard to get it out of my mind on Wednesday in the same class. It was there that I wrote the following poem Paradise Lost as a tribute and in memoriam of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. For me it was something that needed to be written, and I hope that you find it at least in good taste. I don't usually write on the topics of something so devoid of love, but right now it is imperative that I share these words with you.

Paradise Lost

A cold wind blasts through the windows;
The glass scatters in the wind.
The wind howls ever more;
Quicker and quicker does it roar.

Dark clouds descend down;
The Ivory Tower is enveloped in darkness.
Blood flows in the streets;
Sanctity and trust are breached.

The tempest winds blow;
The sadness of lost comes.
The blood of innocents still runs,
Killed one by one, row by row.

What terror have we seen;
What of their fateful screams?
Why did this have to happen,
This terror, travesty, and sin?

We have seen this before,
And we shall see it again.
We’ve been betrayed by a kiss,
Just like the One, much greater than this.

Why has our generation
Become this abomination?
How can we allow
Our sanctuaries to be desecrated so?

Have we no compassion?
Have we no love?
Is there any forgiveness?
Is there any love?

Yes, there is love,
Love comparing to none other.
We must look to Him, no matter the cost,
We, now the remaining, of this Paradise Lost.

In memoriam: Virginia Tech Mass Shooting Tragedy: Monday, April 16, 2007

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