Sunday, August 15, 2004

Reflections on a Friend's Anecdote

I've been out and about all weekend, so I thought it was best to refrain from posting something that was worth nothing. In the wise words of the 'Unknown' Food Critic's "running partner" in a WWL-TV food critic review: "You could have the biggest pile of junk in town, but it's still just trash."

Anyway, I'd like to share something I wrote after reading a friend's latest blog post after graduating from Texas A&M with a masters, "At Last the Circle Is Complete." I wrote the poem shortly after reading his post, trying to capture some of Jacob's theme of coming full circle.

A Journey

Life is but a journey,
A journey we all are on.
We are all at different places,
but our lives continue to go on.

Life is not to be wasted,
since one day we all will be gone.
We are on a journey,
a journey that is life.

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