Monday, August 09, 2004

Blogs of Note: A Few Raves for Some Spiffy Blogs

Tonight's my usual night to rave. If you haven't noticed yet, the days I post I go in a sequential order for my blog. I started with a rambling one day, followed it with rant the next, and ended the cycle with a rave the following day (thus the reason behind the name of my blog: "The Ramblings, Rants, and Raves of John Book"---In that specific order!). I've now completed the cycle three times, look for yourself! So with that note, I'll continue with my rave...this time on Blogs of Note.

1. Jen Speaks ...Because I Love to Run Off My Mouth! ~ Jen (Northern Virginia)
This blog was the first I encountered and it has been a pretty memorable one so far. It provides a very intriguing view that seems to be Conservative leaning but don't confuse this for your regular political blog...there's plenty of heartwarming, personal, non-political things that will interest most anyone. I found this blog about mid-June of this year looking for the music played during former President Ronald Reagan's funeral, but stumbled on a blog post from Jen's blog on Lady Thatcher's touching eulogy (taped and then played at the National Cathedral). Her thoughts on her eulogy were well-said, I found them to be quite agreeable. So, despite being my first read, I still believe it to be the best I've seen yet...and it'll take a lot for me to change my opinion on that.

2. (-= ~ Jacob Foshee (Spring, Texas)
This is blog of a friend from Texas A&M up in College Station, TX, that was actually the kickstart for me to start this blog here, my first. So, although it's not as glitzy (as in number of posts/viewings), I think it still provides a quirky look into small snippets (episodes as the blogger calls them) of his personal life. Not that his life is any less/more interesting than another (normal) person, but it comes down to the the bit of storytelling used in the posts which I appreciate since it's already so hard to find elsewhere on the net. There's also a interesting post (and slightly more technical than his previous to date) on blog-reading programs that I find quite informative (In fact, I'm currently using his top-suggested program, Feedreader, which I highly suggest). Always a plus, Jacob's blog has a sense of humor, which is always refreshing.

So whether or not you're into blogging yourself, go ahead a give these blogs a quick read, and I'm sure you'll find them as interesting as I did.


  1. Thanks for the noting me! I like to keep up w/ your blog as well. I took a look at Jen's blog. She seems like a really creative and entertaining author. Perhaps one day I will be as glitzy as her! ;-)

    With so many people getting new and exciting blogs I don't think I will have to time to keep up with them all! Or if I do, I won't have time for much else... I better enjoy it while I'm unemployed. Otherwise I'm gonna end up in a van down by the river.


  2. John, thanks for the links and very kind words. You kind of made me blush, because I think my blog is pretty boring most of the time. Who really cares about what TV shows I watch? :grin:

  3. Thank you both of you for your comments. I found both of your blogs as an inspriation to my work here, so I thought it be best to take note of that. Writing is a gift, and I'm glad both of you have decided to share it with the world.

    Jen -- There's plenty of glitz in your thoughts on TV shows...It's always good to read the thoughts of a fellow viewer.

    Jacob -- Let's all hope it doesn't come down to you and a van down by ANY river!