Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Fallen Twelve: The Long-Awaited Tribute

"Softly call the Muster, let comrade answer 'Here'..."
This November 18, 2004 will mark the dedication of the Bonfire Memorial, the lasting reminder of those twelve Aggies who died in the unfortunate, untimely Bonfire collapse of 1999. May we remember all Aggies that have passed on, both now and forever. May the Aggie Spirit never falter, never fail, never be forgotten. Fail not to pass on the Aggie Spirit that makes Texas A&M University the greatest institution in the nation. Let the Bonfire Tradition renew again!

Both Dr. Robert M. Gates, president of Texas A&M University, and Jack Hildebrand, student body president, will speak at the November 18, 2004 afternoon dedication. Classes that afternoon will be cancelled so all students will be able to attend the dedication.

Learn more about Aggie Traditions at Texas A&M's web site and view the August 3, 2004 article "Bonfire Memorial Dedication Set in Stone" in The Battalion, Texas A&M's school newspaper, from the links above.

"Once an Aggie, ALWAYS an Aggie"

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