Monday, April 20, 2009


The Call,
It's not out of the blue.
It's written on the heart,
The heart with Truth.

The Call has always been there,
A beacon of light
In the darkness,
In the wilderness of Truth.

Written on our hearts,
The Call beckons us
To service, to faith,
To Love in Truth.

He speaks to the heart
The plans He hast made,
The plans written from the start,
For His child in body and soul.

He calls each by name
Through time and space
To love Him more fully,
To come to this holy place.

With certainty
His love renews
Our hearts, our minds
To live our call with Truth.

Cast away the doubts
For this call written in you.
Go deeper in love,
To His heart of Truth.

The Call is a call
To a vocation of Truth—
A vocation of blood and water,
A vocation of body and soul.

From the heart
We are to give,
To give fully in love,
To give mercy to the full.

The Call remains ours fully,
No matter our failings,
No matter our weaknesses.
His love, His call remain—

Fully to give,
Fully to love.
Freely we give;
Freely we love.

In a heart of mercy
We live body and soul
To give the gift,
The gift of love—

Forever fruitful,
Forever faithful,
Forever fully,
Forever free.

Forever we love—
Forever we love—
Forever we love—
Forever with the Divine.

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