Saturday, December 06, 2008

In Veiled Courts

In veiled courts
With hearts afire
I stand with measured breath.

In veiled courts
Through the countless days
I wait with a weak heart.

In veiled courts
With the warmth of light
I stand alone in piercing silence.

In veiled courts
Through which a silent wind blows
I wait upon a single heart unknown.

Veiled courts with flickers of light,
Veiled courts with a grace of might,
Veiled courts with veiled sight

I await the day, in veiled courts,
Of a heart that I am worthy to love.
I await the hour, in veiled courts,
For the fullness of God's compassion—my other self.

Each day I wait,
Each day upon the other;
Each day I wait,
I await my other half—the Other.

In veiled courts
Doth my heart so wait
For a love, a life, a heart.
O Lord, doth my heart wait
For a love that won't break.

Give me the power;
Give me the grace
To wait in veiled courts,
To run the blessed race.

Pace within my heart
The sorrows of the night
With the joys of the day
In veiled courts as I wait.

In veiled courts I wait;
I wait on her beautiful face.
In veiled courts I wait;
I wait on her glorifying grace.

In veiled courts, there I wait
For His mercy, His creation, His beauty.
I wait on this all here in His place.
In veiled courts, there I wait.

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