Friday, December 05, 2008

Fingerprints of the Divine

From nothing, something
Spark, discovery, revelation.

From darkness, light
Immensity, explosion, expansion.

From death, life
Dust to being, matter to understanding.

From slavery, freedom
Chaos to determinism, determinism to relativity.

From suffering, salvation
Pain to joy, sacrifice to success, unknowing to knowing.

From chaos, understanding
Testing and probing, experimenting and seeking...

Thread by thread,
Weave by weave,
The Tapestry of Knowledge,
The Tapestry of Wisdom
Become interwoven.

Fingerprint by fingerprint,
Discovery by discovery,
The minutia of the moment,
The sweeping vista of time
Into one are sewn.

Truth discovers Beauty;
Beauty unveils Truth.
No matter our route,
No matter our origin,
Now, only now, does life begin.

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