Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Words of Kindness

Your words of kindness
Shower my heart with great joy.

Your smile of sincerity
Strengthens me with much peace.

Your eyes of compassion
Draw me even closer to you.

Your soft loving touch
Gives my heart warmth so great.

Inspiration you have given,
An inspiration to carry on.

At the start,
My breath was taken away;
Your beauty entered in.

But your words,
Those very sweet words,
Have been greater yet...
Planted in my heart which sings.

You compel me
To be a better man,
A better man than I am...

To grow more...
To give more...
To see more...
To be more.

So glad is my heart
That you are there
To so greatly brighten
Even the darkest of days.

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