Monday, April 14, 2008

The Embrace

These are just a few words from a writing session in the Commons from a couple of weeks ago... So much is left to be done and there's so little time to do it within. If I don't have peace, how can I give it? I'm still working on that one.
The Embrace

Quiet, silent
The winds of the Heart
Do blow...

With kindness
The words of the Heart
Do flow...

With patience
The will of the Heart
Is known...

With great care
The love of the Heart
Is sown...

All grace,
All mercy
From this Sacred Heart
Does flow.

How fair,
So very fair
Is this Heart,
One so eternally blest.

How saving,
So very saving,
In troubling times
Is this Heart of Mercy.

Glory and honor,
Worship and adoration,
Is due this Heart,
This Heart of Mercy.

Worthy of praise,
Endless praise,
Is due this Heart,
This Heart of Mercy.

Set me afire,
Heart of Mercy,
This very day...
Afire in love.

Grace me with a love
Blind to this world,
To give to this world,
No matter its Fall.

Grant me,
Sacred Heart Most Holy,
A calming peace to serve,
To serve you completely.

Give me peace
To accept this world,
To live in this world
But not for this world.

Give me courage
To love still more
Even after we part
From this sacred embrace.

Shower me in grace
To love this day
And every day from now;
Give to me this embrace.

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