Sunday, March 18, 2007

Showing Joy

Tonight's post will be brief, simply because time is short. Classes start again tomorrow, and all the fun associated with classes also come with it. It has been said that college is great, except for the classes that get in the way. Well, there are the scheduled classes and the "other" education one receives from being away from home. It is a development of being full sustainable and "on your own" that college is now summed up to be in our society. It is a coming of age. It is all these things, especially of finding one's self.

It is also sharing the joy found in one's day with another. It's about not being bitter about past wrongs, of being ready to turn the other cheek, of forgiveness, of returning to what one loves, of returning to the people one loves. If one cannot love freely, one is dead. To love is to show joy and thus be a ray of light in the darkness that we find ourselves in a troubled world that we live in. Don't sweat the small stuff because in the end it doesn't matter. It matters not how you get there, only that you do.

What I'm looking for in life isn't quantity. Quantity is the absolute cop-out in the scheme of life. It means that "nothing matters unless I have the most toys." It's about quality. Period. It's not about the toys. It's about the people you meet in life. It's about the love we show and give in life. Without human embrace we are nothing but mere machines. We are not machines. We are so much more than this. We are capable of so much more than machines. Ask that of the current Monets, Rembrandts, Beethovens, and Twains of the present. Ask that of the Edisons, Teslas, and Wrights of the present. We are not what we create, only a part of that very thing we make. Love makes us complete.

So we must show joy because it is in showing joy, through simple but sweet conversation, that can we show to others but a foretaste of what is to come in the next life, of what is to come united with God in Heaven. So spread some the good Lord knows, this world surely needs it.

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