Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Cup Overflows

Last Friday was one of those days where one could say, "This is what I've waited for through the muck and all the trouble and late nights these four years. Finally!" Granted, it's not ever yet. This semester and next are crucial capstones to a monument to dedication, determination, and passion. The light at the end of the tunnel is there, and last Friday I was enveloped in that glorious light.

I am on the cusp of something so big and life-changing. I see the stability of the future and all the more relief overcomes my worries. It is in the Lord that I put my trust, and it is through the Lord that our burdens are made light.

Yes, I cannot remain up at this emotional mountaintop forever. Just as Peter, John, and James had to leave the place of Jesus' transfiguration, I had to pass from this emotionally thrilling point in my short life. Their reveling and desire to stay there at the mountaintop was so great, but, just as they had to, so must I go through these valleys and mountains of life. The realities of things yet unfinished are not yet done and must be done before this new future can be a full reality. However, I have seen what is to come, and it is good—oh so good.

My cup indeed overflows, and I am ever thankful for things such as these.

My Cup Overflows

The sweet taste of relief flows into my mouth.
It quenches the thirst of all my doubt.
What overpowering joy this victory is,
A mighty one over strife and all amiss!

“Joyful! Joyful!” Is the strain,
Which casts away all past pains.
No more worries shall overcome me,
And the opportunities ahead are as vast as the sea.

All that I worked for I can now see:
Through all the muck and all the trouble
The Lord has made it mere rubble.
What glorious works are these!

My cup overflows with sweet blessings,
And I shall praise the Lord, never ceasing!

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