Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Dreary Rains of February

The day has been a soaked one. The rain system of Californian Mudslide fame has decided to occupy Texas with its daylong drenching rains. So be it.

Despite the elements, I decided—rain or shine—that today I needed to get a haircut...2 months since my last. Heck, I'm a college student trying to save a couple bucks. So I decide upon myself to trek across campus in the never-ending rains, those dreary rains of February. I wasn't totally crazy. I did have my trusty 3-dollar black Wal-Mart umbrella with me, while almost getting blown away it it a couple times along the way.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right...going across campus in the rain. By the time I reached the MSC (layperson's term: student center), I noticed a whole bunch of high school people. You know, munckins with big egos. Anyway, it turns out they were here for some sort of JROTC event or something with the Corps. We've been getting a lot more high school groups these days...the 'diversity' groups. Sbisa has been overrun with them around lunchtime. You can always recognize them...they're the ones that go straight for the pizza in the back. Never fails.

It's always so interesting to sit and watch the little buggers. Reminds me of how many years removed I am from their world...and how ever many more that I have left to be truly accepted as not just some "college kid." Those people irritate the hell out of me. Well, thankfully February is nearly over...maybe some sunshine is in store for Texas. Then again, maybe not.

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