Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bon Mardi Gras Vous!

I'm sure that I butchered the title, but I figured if there was one day to do attempt it...and saying anything in French, it's today. It's supposed to be "Happy Mardi Gras to you," but the translation is up in the air. Take your best guess of what it really is. Anyway, if you don't know what today is, shame on you! You should get out more and head down to New Orleans (As the know-nothing Yankees pronounce it nu 'orl-y&nz or how it's supposed to be pronounced nu 'or-l&nz) for a good time and enjoy it...next year. After all Mardi Gras is now all but done. For a good Catholic interpretation of the holiday (where it first got started, after all) go to the web site AmericanCatholic.org for the down low on a decadent holiday that, in the words of Frank Davis, has become "Naturally N'Awlins."

Today, however auspicious here in College Station, has not served much to appease any such Carnival Time that has transpired the past month or so in my birthplace. No less, I have gotten into the Carnival mood for one day, albeit without king cake or much fanfare, but it has made me all the better. It's been bright today and better weather. And if there's only a few songs from home to console me in my time away. Merriment isn't bad in itself, rather the debauchery that has come to be emblematic of the proceedings down in the Crescent City have done a disservice to a fun, friendly, and perfectly wonderful holiday of parades, a little excessive feasting, and the enjoyment of great company.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez, Y'all!

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