Monday, July 16, 2012

Being Animated by the Holy Spirit

The greater the gift of self and the desire to give it, the more one wants to be out of the time and space of the moment. We are finite creatures in an infinite universe. Why shouldn't we yearn for this completion?

The trick then turns out to be making the present moment a result of that very desire to give that gift to the fullest. It is here that the motion from the first moment to the subsequent takes place and all is animated. As it is, to be animated is, by its very root, to be indwelled with the Holy Spirit. What more can we pray for? This indwelling lifts the moment from the static page and makes it a motion picture of grace. The moment multiplies. Time now takes shape and even starts to fly. The dimension which was static to the total gift of self becomes a movement along a divinely-willed plane. As it is, our Creator did not want us to be static but rather dynamic.

So when we forget why we are where we are, let us remember that this is only a stage, a place on the dimensional plane, that spans from the finite to the infinite. Our gifts are not wasted if they are being stored as they ought to be for the appointed time and place. Grace can never be wasted, so as long as we cooperate not just in one moment but the trail of moments that follow until the Spirit that dwells within these enfleshed temples of the same Holy Spirit parts with the souls who strive toward that holy desire of greater gift of self. For in the end, that desire that was put on the heart of the soul indwelled at conception will finally see the fullness of the desire complete; it shall see that restless heart's desire consummated. It shall see God face-to-face.

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