Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yellow Rose

For a day adorned in white,
For a day celebration.
For a moment all stands still,
For a moment pure elation.

Given to the Other,
Of once two, now one light.
Given in full sight,
At once now together.

Banners float above;
Yellow banners run.
From arch to arch they run,
Signifying the new love begun.

Yellow Rose of love,
See the beauty this day,
See the love joined today,
See the graces bestowed from above.

Yellow Rose of love,
Know that love isn't for a moment
But all times, all places—
Forever a co-author of God’s graces.

Yellow Rose of love
Beneath the Spanish arch,
Stay with this moment,
Stay with it for all time.

Yellow Rose of love,
The time of pruning again will come;
The time will come to be pruned with love—
Be pruned with His love.

Yellow Rose of love,
Remain in His love,
Bear the fruit He gives now,
And blossom in the sun of day.

Yellow Rose of love,
Blossom for the world today.

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