Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Waves of distress,
Waves of despair,
Waves of pride,
Waves of greed

Waves crash,
Waves slosh,
Waves clash,
They overpower the lost...

One after another,
The struggle continues—
Finding the peace
Amid the endless storm.

What do we make of the mess?
How do we find peace even there?
How do we fight the pain inside?
How do we answer these times of need?

Step out on the waves;
Step out to the One Who Saves;
Step out on the water.
He will not let you falter.

Trust in His voice;
Listen to His command.
See His love;
Follow His way.

See before you the choice;
Choose the Rock, not the sand,
To build your house—based on love.
His grace is enough for the Way.

Then, in His love,
Those waves of distress
Will turn to love,
Ones to lift you, come what may.

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