Saturday, July 12, 2008

Living with Love: Love Renewed

When the rains of life come...
Forget not the new life it brings,
For those same sorrows bring joys that linger
And grace that remains forever
In a heart that continues to sing.

When the rains of life come...
Forget not each ripple it makes,
For each drop changes the world
And renews life in ways untold
With new love to stay.

A new day of joy has begun
To live with love renewed,
To praise God for life,
For hearts that have been made new
And for peace coming out of strife.

The path ahead is true,
If we remain true to our call
To love one another through it all
With hearts renewed.

When struggles again appear,
Know this love will not pass,
For life is already too short
To let this happiness built
To ever be taken back.

As this day ends,
Know how my heart has grown,
For often the simplest of hearts
Are often the wisest
In making their love known.

And on this day,
You affirmed in my heart
A truth much greater than my own:
To love and to learn
In newness of heart
So that true love can be shown.

What more can I ask for
In this prayer than this:
To love with this love
And to learn with this love
Every day from this day with bliss.

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