Monday, March 03, 2008

"...And I Shall Be Healed..."

There has been much movement this past weekend. In spirit, in demeanor, in love... All things have moved in some facet or form. It's unbelievable to speak to because, number one, I was not expecting it; and number two, I felt it so visibly this weekend.

It was my eleventh Aggie Awakening, tenth as a staffer, since coming to Texas A&M and College Station in the Fall of 2003. And the more I staff the retreat, I notice a growing sweetening sorrow, a joyous feeling of sorrow, a wistful sorrow. I can feel the old dying away. I can see the new coming forth, but there is much hope, and as we know, hope does not disappoint. For hope in the Lord is one of the most powerful things in this world.

Hope is seeing the good with the bad and not rejecting the bad things that do happen in one's life but accepting them and thus carrying on in joyful movement. For we cannot live in the past, the past is gone as soon as we experience the present. We are to live for the future, whatever that may be. Living is something to be embraced and not neglected. For we must have a buoyancy to bring to others in our daily lives, a sentiment of hope, a peaceful hope of joy even in the face of sorrow. For if we live only in sorrow and not the joy of the Lord, we are lost to the world around us, a world full of hope.

I've tried to relate this to my retreaters as best I could that each of these Awakenings are different, distinctly different in how they individually touch each retreater and staffer, but in the same breath the same Spirit is moving within all. It is a magnificent sign of God's grace.

There shall always be sadness on this earth until the end of time, but if we are clothed in the Light, if we are Children of the Light, if we become Light to this darkened world, this world of darkness, do we finally see the face of the Lord, our God. Peace be unto you, the saving peace of Christ Jesus.

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