Friday, October 26, 2007

Gem Moments & Decoding Conversations

There remains so much to living that I am amazed at, especially the little things that go flying by from day to day. Even when I slow down to see the smaller things, so much just slips through my fingers like water cascading down from a font, freely falling.

My hardest task is decoding conversations. What is she truly getting at? I'm, now more than ever, completely perplexed of the importance of one incident not wholly her fault in which it opens a whole stream of conversation while the words shared last fall didn't result in a mere shrug of the shoulder. Or is it that I put too much stock in what was shared last fall? Did I read too much into the friendship? I wish I could figure that out.

We're going to Bella very soon this afternoon. There's a group of us going on a road trip from the church so I am extremely excited about that and the fun as a group we'll have. The movie looks to be a very good one, and I might even entertain a review here on the blog.

Last night was fun, too. The Engineering Scholarship dinner was last night, and it seems I get to sit with an interesting group each year. Last year was my department head. This year it was an exec who I heard speak while I was interning in Austin this past summer. What an enjoyable experience!

Oh, yeah...and I capped off things with a pumpkin carving party with some really good friends last night, too. The escapades went on late into the night, but I found it to be a nice reminder of last year and the fun we had then that is so hard to come by now. It was certainly the best event of the week, even if it was only to get to visit with them for a short while. The evening was another of those gem moments I love the most.

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