Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Meaning of Love

Surprisingly, February is half way over. You needn't worry, I've been pondering many things, especially love. I actually did quite a bit of poetry writing last week, when I was full of energy. This week I've been a bit more lethargic and a little on the cranky side. So I suppose the single life does have its pluses from time to time.

Ah, but this isn't what I'm here to post on today. Even though it is a little out of turn in what were my thoughts, it is fitting to write specifically on love this day, St. Valentine's Day. I won't go on about how I feel right now or my general ambivalence (even joy of having no pressure this day). These things, however pleasing to the masses matter little much right now. They are mere picayune items to be incessantly fretted upon. C'est la vie!

What is of importance is the everyday love, and the form that this love takes place matters not. For all four forms (affection, friendship, eros, and charity) are present in a day. It matters to not exclude love all the other days. Additionally, let's not forget that it's God that is Love, not Love that is God. Often the romanticism of the Victorian Era (which we get a lot of our views on the perfect romance....but unsurprisingly not our sexuality) would place love before God which is an error in logic and is a blasphemy.

So please read my words below, and have a fun-filled loving day today with whoever your sweetheart is.

The Meaning of Love

What is the meaning of Love,
That emotion so mystifying?
Is it a gift from one person to another
Or a mystery of Grace from above?

Like morning dew on a blade of grass,
In time human love comes to pass.
Who are we to claim these gifts our own,
We whom have been given what we have not sown?

Love in its pure form is not human in form,
Since human love is not unlike a storm,
Where the rain clouds quickly build
Until they are pushed away by a greater force and thus yield.

The meaning of Love is this:
Give of your heart until it hurts
Then give of it ten times more.
Love is to trust even when things get worse;
Only then can you find what the Lord has in store.

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