Friday, April 29, 2005

A Response to Daniel Bornstein's Comments

The Catholic Faith is a package deal and cannot be picked and chosen from, since to do this would inherently be heretical. The word, at its root, is heresy, which is taken from the Greek word ‘hairesis’ meaning “a taking or choosing.”

The Catholic Faith is not something to be arbitrarily toyed with. Rather, we Catholics are called to learn and grown in our knowledge of this great faith. Mr. Bornstein’s claim that “many Catholics” have a ‘liberal’ ideology is flawed because the Catholic Faith itself resoundingly calls for a definite Culture of Life in ALL respects. The Faith isn’t changed on political whims as the secular world is. John Paul II still is morally correct in erring on the side of Life.

It is a matter of sexual ethics that every person must be held responsible for their own actions, and we as a world have grown to treat sex as a trivial thing. This is the primary cause of the secular world’s Culture of Death, NOT John Paul’s stance on contraceptives and abortion.

The Battalion should have balanced Bornstein’s views with that of actual local Catholic leaders who are more knowledgeable in the Catholic Faith than he.

John Book
Class of 2007

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