Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bonfire Memorial Day

The day has finally come. The five year remembrance of Texas A&M's deadliest day, that of the 1999 Bonfire Collapse. Now the Bonfire Memorial will be dedicated in a long-awaited and much anticipated event this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. May this Memorial bring some closure to the saddest chapter in the tradition-rich history of Texas A&M.

The Bonfire Memorial can be seen online here at the Memorial's web site:

That Fateful Day

Then Heaven's pearly portals opened,
And hosts of Angels showed the way
For that Fighting Texas Aggie group
On that final Judgment Day.
Then more Aggies came into view,
Twelve dressed in Bonfire gear
Walking arm in arm and singing
Of the School they hold so dear.
Twelve Aggie voices said "Howdy"
To the keepers of the Gate.
"Working hard, we just lost track of time;
We hope we're not too late."
"It's the Fighting Aggie Bonfire Crew,"
St. Peter said. "Behold,
They're ready to light up Heaven,
With their courage and faith so bold.
I would often watch them building,
That stack so large and high,
And surely knew the time would come
That they'd build it into the sky."
And so the Twelve came through the Gates
As St. Peter said, "Don't fear,
You are just in time for Roll Call."
One by one, they answered, "Here."
November 18, 1999

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