Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita: Here We Go Again

What a half month makes...and doesn't. Still the same problems, albeit in new forms. People get stuck on freeways and roads for unacceptable periods of time...13 hours to go only 40 miles? One can walk faster than what these people have to their cars stall out on the road because they idle going nowhere burning gas while the other side of the miles and miles of freeway, the stretch of open pavement stands empty. Has Texas learned anything from Hurricane Katrina? What is with the city of Houston gloating that they were the "most prepared city" for a hurricane? What the hell? Most prepared? My rear! Ha! The haughtier they are, the harder they fall, I suppose. Houston plays itself as the Titanic of cities on the Gulf Coast, a coast that is so vulnerable---as we have come to so readily see---to the voracious hurricanes of the year 2005, that being Dennis, Katrina, and now Rita. They are the unsinkable ship that will be hit by the iceberg and sink to its inevitable death just like New Orleans has experienced with Hurricane Katrina.

Where was the Contraflow like was so well implemented out of New Orleans for Katrina? Why didn't Texas copy the one thing New Orleans and Louisiana DID DO RIGHT? Where the hell was Perry or White, for that matter, getting TXDOT to make Contraflow in place for a city at least twice the size of the entire New Orleans metro area??? Sure they evacuated the special needs with plenty of time to spare, as well as Galveston, but where was the gas when the people stranded ON the road to get them moving again and instead put these people in worse conditions of the road and then talk of "roadside shelters?" Are those even feasible? Are all political leaders incompetent or are just the one's in Texas, Louisiana, and Washington? Sure they have the food, ice, and medical supplies. But what about the means to GET THE PEOPLE OUT a city, which is the largest in terms of both area and population together in the ENTIRE NATION? Where there is the fourth largest city in the United States blocking the evacuation route for an entire city of some 100,000? Truly pathetic. Perry, White, and FEMA disgust me. This isn't a political party thing. It's a lack of common sense and leadership. This is what the problem is. I don't care if they are black, white, Hispanic, Republican, Democrat, Aggie, or non-Aggie. When there is incompetency, I will demand an answer. This sorry excuse for emergency preparedness sickens me in a way that is all too familiar and of which is totally and wholly unnecessary and uncalled for.

WAKE UP, AMERICA! Let's have some common sense in planning from now on!

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