Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Death and Times of an Old and New PC

Well, it's happened. My old e-Machines PC has died. I found it out a week after having those perils of it shutting off cold. What actually happened was that I had overheated the motherboard so much that it fried (not literally, though). So, as a result I got a new Dell PC, which I'm using at this time.

Securing that PC was not an easy task in the least. I research for what the best deal, and it appeared to be Dell's lower range computers. I found a Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz Dell Dimension 3000 for a decent price with a free flat panel upgrade, which was a nice plus there for moving into and out of my dorm this year. I got it ordered that Wednesday night, and went to bed thinking that all was well. It arrived that Friday afternoon, and I went to check to make sure all was there as promised. It wasn't. Dell in their cheapness put in 2 256 MB SDRAM DIMM's, even though they promised (both on the web site and when I called in and checked) they would ship the system with a single 512 MB SDRAM DIMM. I was furious. I attempted all Saturday evening trying to get some sort of customer service online with Dell's pathetic and inoperable customer service chat program. Aggravating!

I called into Dell customer service that Monday and wasted 4 hours trying to get the order corrected. I would finish one call and come back later to realize they weren't telling me the same thing each time. By that afternoon I was infuriated with their "Linda's" and "Abraham's" from Delhi (India) trying to tell me they couldn't do any more, and then fail to get me a UPS pickup for their mistake. I waited for week for their pickup to come, until I called back in and complained and had them reset a DHL pickup and wasted more of my time. Luckily I already had received the promised 512 MB SDRAM DIMM. I'm still waiting for a promised $64.99 credit to the charged credit card. Dell customer service is horrible, but remember PERSISTENCE IS KEY!

At least I now have a decent computer, as I ordered. Hopefully I won't have to call back in to Dell's atrocious customer service again and waste more of my time.

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